How to speak Arabic


Do you want to learn how to speak Arabic easily and automatically but you do not know from where to begin? This article is for you, and you can consider it like a guide to learn how to speak Arabic.

1- Listening to Arabic language is the key to speak Arabic

If you read how to learn Arabic article, you will find that we said that the children learn a language automatically, because they listen to the parents, the family, the relatives, people in schools, the friends and the radios or TVs. They are still listening to new words, new sentences and idioms. Their brain work and collect a lot of words and sentences without any management from them. Suddenly, they speak some words like baba and mama, and then they speak another words, and sentences. Now they can speak a language without any problem and that is before they go to any school.
In schools, they learn their standard language and they learn to read and to write, but they have to have the ability to speak before they can go to schools.

Do you know now how to speak Arabic? The answer is that you have to listen, but listen to what.

Whatever you listen; you have to listen to the real language from the native people, and this is mean you can do one of the following things:

1. Listen to Arabic videos:

Arabic videos will help you to learn an Arabic dialect fast, that is mean you have to listen to Egyptian videos if you want to learn the Egyptian dialect.

2. Listen to Mp3 books

Mp3 book is a single book or a story and you can hear a native Arabic speaker read this book or the story loudly.

3. Listen to radios, TVs or conversations

Radios channels are dime a dozen, and you can search using to find the best channel, however, we recommend to you to follow our website, because you will listen to real Arabic and we will do our best to make the Arabic language easy.

2- Learn a vocabulary group every day

In the first step, we advised you to listen to Arabic language every day but you will face a problem that you will not understand what you listen, because you do not know the meaning of the words or the sentences, so, you should learn a vocabulary group every day.
You do not have to listen to new files every day, but you can listen to one audio file for a week. That will help you to listen more to the same context and you will learn a vocabulary group from the same sentences every day and that is mean you will learn about seven vocabulary groups which may be equal thirty-five words, and when you understand the first context, you can learn another one.

3- Learn the Arabic alphabets, if you are a beginner

Are you a beginner in learning Arabic online, you should learn Arabic letters first, because it will help you to read fast.
Arabic alphabets is different from English alphabets, and there are no capital or small letters in Arabic, it is only the letter as it is.

After you learn Arabic letters, you will learn how to write them, how to speak Arabic alphabets in all cases and how to combine these letters to make a simple and complex sentences.

Well, we are going to review what we said above but in a few lines. You should listen to real Arabic speaker. Moreover, to read at the same time and to learn about five vocabularies every day and to keep going. It is the best way that will help you to learn Arabic and no need again to the question how to speak Arabic.


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